Something I really thought rocked during online school was being able to wake up later and be comfortable. I also got to spend time with my family.

Something that I hope sticks from the lockdown is my online etiquette.

Something I hope leaves from online school is not being able to see my friends in person.


Today is the second day of online school. We have started a parliament task which is fun. 
Unfortunately we do not get to go to Canberra due to Covid 19 but instead we get to go to Kangaroo
Island. Home schooling so far has been ok, i still wish we could go back to normal school.


Recently we had to go into lockdown and today is the first day of online school. First we had to join our assembly but unfortunately we had some technical difficulties so we had to leave. Then we joined a call with our teacher and talked about our holidays for a while and then she explained our science task (which is to create a timeline about electricity),  and then we had recess. After recess we joined DTE and were told to create a post like this. Then we had french and we used quiz-let to memorise words.

Im not really a fan of online school because it can be quite boring but its fun being able to facetime your friends. I hope the we get out of lockdown soon!



I love music, and I play the saxophone and I do singing lessons. I also used to play piano.

My favourite band is queen and I love listening to Ariana Grande, and basically any type of music!


(My photo inspiration).

My line inspiration= It was a hard decision, but I didn’t have a choice.

Red= Causal Connectives, Blue= Temporal Connectives


Why was nobody listening to me? Everyone one was fussing over formal, while a zombie apocalypse was happening right before my eyes! “Hello?!” I screamed in desperation. Still nobody even looked at me. I had to do something, otherwise the whole school would be dead at once!  I ran to stand next to my best friend Jessie, I waved my hands in front of her eyes to try to get her attention, and I realised something was terribly wrong with her. As soon as I had waved my hands  she collapsed.

When I looked at the zombies they where standing right before my eyes. Under different circumstances it would have been wrong.  Nevertheless I did it. It was a hard decision but I had no choice. I ran to the fire alarm and hit it.  At first nothing happened. Then water spewed all over everyone. The teacher started to scream at me, I turned to look at the zombies, but nothing was there…

hello my name is drink i love it is so yummy  water  yum yum yum


This is a photo of the Japanese flag.

Japan is in the continent Asia.

Japan is in the Northern Hemisphere.

The capital city of Japan is Tokyo.

The population of Japan is approximately 126.3 
million people!

The national language of Japan is Japanese.

The currency of Japan is Japanese Yen.

A connection between Australia and Japan is that they 
are both democracies.

To say 'hello' in Japanese you say 'Kon'nichiwa'.

Japans neighbouring countries are,Russia (To the North),   
China (To the North West),North Korea (To the West) 
and South Korea (To the West).

Commenting Guidelines.


Today we have been learning about ‘Commenting Guidelines’.  This is my ranking of the least helpful comments, to the most helpful comments.

  1. I think that number 7 is the least helpful because it doesn’t include enough detail. Why do they like the story? It also does not start any conversation or any new ideas. 1/10
  2.  Number 6 is another one of the least helpful comments because it has nothing to do with school work. If the person who wrote this comment wanted to talk about their sister, they should of done so during break time. It also has lots of grammatical errors. 3/10
  3. I think that number 1 is unhelpful because it includes LOTS of grammatical errors, and slang. This is ok etiquette for messaging a friend on the weekend, but not ok for school related things. 4/10
  4. Number 4 is unhelpful because it has lots of spelling and grammatical errors, and also has nothing to do with school.
  5. Number 8 is helpful, but I think it is very in your face. Whoever wrote this comment could of asked about Paul’s opinion in a nicer manner. 7/10
  6. I think that number 5 is a helpful comment and is a perfectly themed comment for school. 8/10
  7. Number 3 is a great comment because whoever wrote this comment has complimented Tanias work. They have also started a new conversation by saying “has anyone else read The Giver?” 8.5/10
  8. I think that the most helpful comment by far is number 2 as it has correct grammar and punctuation, it is a related topic to school and is polite and easy to read. 10/10


As I walked through the forest I felt so peaceful, 
so calm and happy, 
that was before I saw a strange sight.
 A monkey was walking right 
up to me, while he was peeling a banana 
He looked me right in the face and laughed at me! 
Then he frowned and pointed at something 
behind me I turned around, but nothing was there! As soon 
as I turned back around 
the monkey was gone, and as a result of my stupidness, 
my pouch full of 
clothes, money and water was gone too!

Even though he was a monkey, and did not know any better, 
i felt so outraged which was caused
by the fact that he was so rude to me! 
He laughed at me and then stole all of my supplies! 
So I decided to
find this monkey and get my supplies back...